Corporate Investigations

Our Corporate Investigations service assists companies in assessing, identifying and investigating allegations of internal and external fraud, financial mismanagement, and regulatory compliance issues. We help our clients respond to allegations involving the full range of fraud schemes covering asset misappropriation, bribery and corruption, and financial statement frauds.

Studies have shown that the typical organization loses as much as 5% of their total revenue to fraud. Responding to allegations, whistleblower complaints or Hot Line tips is crucial in identifying fraud schemes in a timely fashion to reduce company losses and improve bottom line results.

Our Corporate Investigations service is comprised of experienced investigators, Certified Fraud Examiners, forensic accountants, auditors and other specialists as required by our client’s specific needs. The use of this cadre of highly skilled investigators and examiners ensures that the frauds can be quickly identified, the amount of loss measured accurately and measures taken to reduce the client’s expose to fraud in the future.

Arbitration and Litigation Support

GSC also provides comprehensive Litigation Support services for law firms and individuals pursuing arbitration, mediation, civil suits or other recovery actions as a result of alleged investment fraud. Our investigators and researchers can identify information that can be used to help aid in the pursuit of damages and recovery of investments. This information includes identifying recoverable assets, locating individuals involved in the fraud scheme, researching potential areas of misrepresentation and more.